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A disastrous defeat of the third level Club, MK Dons, Manchester United's Manager, Louis Van Gaal, Given to Red Devils fans to still believe in him, though in three new Dutch Manager action was never brought the Red Devils win. Lose 1-2 from Swansea and the series 1-1 with Sunderland in the Premier Leagaue outplayed by Manchester United's League Cup after the Club's League One beaten, Mk Dons, with a score of 4-0 on Tuesday (26/8/2014)

Van Gaal said in a press conference after the match against MK Dons. "it is very difficult. When you start your career as a Manager in the Premier League with a defeat in the game enclosure, after that draw results, and then lost the Cup to be named, were disappointing. Therefore, for the fans is very hard to believe, still believe in the philosophies of Louis Van Gaal. However, that's what you have to do ",

"You have to continue to believe because I was here to construct a new team and a new team is not built within a month. Need time and I say it not only present or last week, but also when in the United States when we won it all. It is very difficult to build a team, said Louis Van Gaal.

The success of United's hook Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid to make champions could still calm. So is the fact that United fielded many players at home to second-tier MK Dons.

"The problem is not due to Van Gaal Lousi, see skuatnya, a bunch of players the upholstery," wrote one of the supporters of United berakun lekan. akincev on the website of Manchester Evening News.

"The average age of players aged 22.7 years Louis Van Gaal handed down against MK Dons. Saidy janko became the youngest player, 18 years old"

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